DAY 2- Apple cleanse. From Galas to russets to MacIntoshes ….

30 09 2010

Galas, Macintoshes, Spartans, Jonathons, Granny Smiths, Fujis, Sweet Crisps, Russets, Golden Delishes, APPLES APPLES APPLES EVERYWHERE!  Thats what it looks like atop my kitchen counter.  Bowls full of them 🙂

Yes its  day 2 of my 3 day apple cleanse.  I must say I not only feel great, I feel such an elation that nothing today could get me vibrating in a negative way.

There is a certain lightness deep within me.  I feel much more in tune with my inner self and it is like I am starting a whole new journey on my Yogic path 🙂

You would think having 8 apples by 4:30 in the afternoon would make you sick or downright crabby. I can’t say I feel even an ounce of that.  My headache from yesterday is gone. The achy pains in my low back are absent.  I really am elated that I’ve not experienced a moment of gas or diarrhoea.  I felt a tad chilly but that is typically normal for me.

I also feel such a great rise in my energy levels! I feel like I could run a 1oK.  That however is not advisable during a fast/cleanse.

I have been practicing YOGA of course 🙂  It seems my practice is so much more fluid, and unrestricted.  Its not so much that I can do more or do those tough inversions, but more ease and acceptance of where I am.

A cleanse or fast truly allows you to interrupt your habitual daily patterns.  All of them.  Some we like to call “good” and others we like to refer to as the nasty “bad” habits.  But really everything simply just is.

And where you are right now is perfect. This very moment is brimming with the opportunity to show you that.  If the laundry doesn’t get down, if the deadline isn’t met, and if you don’t reach that weight loss goal today is it really the end of your world?  Is all the joy, happiness and prosperity really going to disappear in your life overnight?

Really think about that.

What is good right now?  What is shining, stable, beautiful, loving and giving in your life right now?  FOCUS on that and you change your whole life.






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