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30 09 2010

Hello again!

Yes its been quite awhile since my last blog.  I felt the need to take some time to go inwards and do some self reflection.  AND boy has there been some great shifts and inspirations 🙂

So here I am all fresh and ready to provide insight, revelations and great inspirations for living your truth to the fullest.

I just started the APPLE DETOX CLEANSE!!  Originally created by Edgar Cayce, a world renowned psychic and medical intuitive. He developed a great passion for holistic and alternative medical therapies and was found to heal thousands from debilitating disease.

He authored numerous books of which some focused on healing foods.  His apple “detox” cleanse peaked my curiosity. So I jumped on the apple wagon and today began the first of three days of his apple cleanse.

Here are the main tennets of the cleanse:

1) Eat only raw, preferably organic apples. Aim to buy golden delicious and Jonathan varieties as these are considered jenneting varieties.  This means they ripened before June 24th or St. John’s day.  Eat as many as you like and also consider juicing some for more cleansing potential.

2)  Drink water all day long, and make it WARM or at least room temperature.  This aids peristalsis action of the intestines and bowel.  Also helps clear toxins and move the pectin through the digestive system.

3) If you get hungry and can’t stomach another apple, have only non starchy raw veggies.  These can also be juiced.

4)  Do this for three full days.  On the night of the third day take 2-3 tsp of Olive oil.  This aids the bowel to do its job, and also helps the liver and bile release toxins.

5) On the fourth day, break the fast with some orange juice upon rising.  After that eat lightly!  Ease back into eating regular meals.  So stick with vegan choices such as whole grains, legumes, soups, and veggies.


I actually don’t feel hungry or weak.  I had a headache all day however, and I know that this is due to caffeine withdrawal.  One of the reasons I am doing this cleanse is to see if I can cut down on my coffee habit.

I also want to see if my sugar and carb cravings are curtailed and brought into a better balance.

I tend to crave CHOCOLATE like mad!  So this cleanse is also an experiment to see if I can actually do without 🙂

So to conclude, I did feel headachy and a little dazed but digestive wise everything feels great 🙂 Had a concern I might get some digestive upset.  What is really interesting is I don’t feel hungry and am not craving anything. Actually quite the opposite.  I did have 10 apples though LOL.

The journey continues…..

Travelling Yogi





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