The Seed of Your Soul

22 03 2010

There is love in your heart. Do you feel it?

There is an inner knowing that cannot be disputed. It is planted deep within the very soil of your existence.  It is  up to you how you choose to nurture or starve that potent wonder.   This seed has the potential to sprout with abundant and expansive energy.  It can grow without abandon, and grow stronger with every joyous gift you give it.

Or it can retreat; shrivel up into a very dark and dying existence.  The sprout is there underneath the soil forever at your disposal.  How will you take care of it?  Feed the seed with passion and abundance every single day, and you  expand and you will feel that greater part of you.

What you give your seed will determine what fruits are bared .  Reach into that very deep profound space of knowing and hold that seed with loving kindness. How magical is this?!

How you hold, care and nurture this seed is your choice.  Your seed responds with joy when appreciated, loved and respected.  Your seed answers when asked for guidance.  Your seed grows stronger in the inner awareness of knowing exactly what you need for this life.

Your seed is your inner light.

It grows brighter with every attempt you make to love it and support it.   It grows stronger with every effort you make to believe in it and watch it through.  It grows more expansive every time you heed its call.  It is the greatest part of you!  I want to shout that on the highest mountain top. 🙂

It is your most wise self that answers all your queries and concerns.  Allow your light to shine without limits.  Your light has no borders and does not desire to remain within the lines of your self- imposed barriers.  It wants out.  Allow it to sprout in any direction you find joy and pleasure.  It will take you to the places you need to go.  It will be your constant guide and companion, even when all else seems to have failed you.  The living sprout within you offers you indestructible truth.  The truth you desperately grasp for yet find unattainable.  The truth you desperately seek yet often settle for the temporary fix of the material world.

What does your sprout look like today?  Take a moment now to really reflect on this.

Is it hiding?  Has it retreated?  Is it yearning to be fed? Is it yearning for the light and love you have to offer?

Hold that seed now and ask it what it needs. Ask the seed how best you could serve it today.  Take a moment to go within.

Close your eyes and be with the moment.

Look lovingly at your seed, and offer your support.  Tell your seed you are now here and willing to love and offer whatever it needs. Give your seed your complete and total attention. Feel the connection you have made with it.  Now with closed  eyes , and a very open heart, just listen.

The answer is revealed.

Your Travelling Yogi





One response

1 10 2010

what a beautifull post ,thank you Piera .My poor little seed has been sadly neglected but from today im going to start nurturing it

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