One Love- Remembering Bob Marley

6 02 2010

Bob Marley –  February 6, 1945 –  May 11, 1981

Happy Birthday Bob!

In remembrance of a great artist and soul I dedicate this post to Bob Marley.

A legend in his own time.  A legend that truly lives on in our hearts, ears and souls.  A legend that believes in the power of unconditional love.

His music still resonates with our searching of truth and freedom in this world.

His persona still resonates with all of us who seek to maintain peace, loving kindness and higher states of being.

His work still resonates with those of us who seek a deeper spiritual connection with ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters.

And his soul still resonates with our need to come back to our greater and higher Selves.

How has Bob Marley touched your life?  How did his work affect your own spirituality ?  Please share your story, and keep his love alive.

One Love. This song really sums it all up.  What more can we desire?

Keep it light and simple 🙂






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