Hugs are Healing

4 02 2010

When was the last time you hugged someone?  Like really hugged someone?

A hug that communicated trust, love, compassion and support.  A hug that had your arms enveloped around another so warmly you could feel the others reciprocation melt back into your own being?   A hug that needed no words to be uttered, no sound to be made and no explanations to be stated?

I’ll ask again.

When was the last time you really hugged someone?

Physical contact with others  is important to our well being.  The type of contact that fosters trust, acceptance and security.  That heals the pain, the wounds and the soul.  It is a scientific fact that a baby left untouched, not hugged or cuddled for extended time will suffer and may even die.  We need the warm sensation we receive from loving touch and embraces.

Sometimes a hug is really all we need.  Instead of the cigarette, the prozac,  the bottle of gin, the rounds of black jack or the bag of Oreos.  Sometimes a simple, silent, exchange of touch through an embrace can heal everything.

By Artist: Amy Marie Adams

According the the Uk telegraph, A study confirmed that 4 hugs a day was the secret to a happy, and long lasting marriage.  If you haven’t hugged your significant other today, you are 4 hugs away from marital harmony 😉

In the spirit of this month’s big LOVE  holiday, Valentine’s Day I thought I would include a very heart warming, video expressing one man’s amazing passion for raising up humanity.  With so much media bringing us the downers, I thought this would be a nice change 🙂

The FREE HUG CAMPAIGN – created by Juann Mann, and  what  a man he is!

Juann initiated a campaign where he began to give free hugs to anyone who wanted one.  He would stand with his “free hug” sign and be giving of his free hugs.  He heard stories of loss, sadness, grie, pain and sorrow.  And Juan gave some light to everyone he possibly could give to.

We need more Juans in this world!!!  Thank you for giving us hope for a better and better world!


Your Travelling Yogi,





8 responses

5 02 2010

Great video! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

5 02 2010

Like Amma, the Hugging Saint: Check her out @

6 02 2010

Hi Jennifer!
Thanks for replying and reading my blog 🙂 Yes Amma is an amazing soul. I saw her when she came to visit us here in Toronto. I felt such an amazing sense of tranquility in her presence. A beautiful soul indeed. Thank you for mentioning her!


7 02 2010
Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl

I always love giving hugs to people who look down and out. It’s amazing what a hug (or smile!) can do to brighten someone’s day. It’s so gratifying – especially when someone goes from being at the “end of their rope” to wiping that frown right off their face.

Here’s to hugs!


16 02 2010

Hi travelling yogi,

Are you a secret Bollywood junkie? Because a very popular Bollywood film, called Munnabhai MBBS, also espoused the same treatment to society’s ills – share hugs. You must try to watch it.


18 02 2010

Awesome! Ty for replying to my blogpost. Yes bollywood is cool. There is also an indian “hugging saint” as she is called. Love such spiritual revelations! ty

18 02 2010
cassandra nicholson

Another great post pierra! Hugs ARE healing.

18 02 2010

Hi there! thank you so much for reading my blog, and replying, I hope you are happy and shining your radiant light! And I wish you hugs for an eternity! all the best! Hug hug hug away 😉

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