Back On the Yoga Mat…. of Life

21 01 2010

Its been almost 45 days since I last practiced yoga! I can’t describe the feeling of being on the mat again today. Its like a parched plant that gets the first drops of water from the sky after a very long drought.  Its enlivening and simply just what I needed.

I have been recovering from  a back injury that left me quite down in the dumps for awhile. But arising from the fall I am renewed again with greater insight.  Its amazing what a little work on the Self can do for someone.

My back is feeling better and I am highly attuned to its messages and expressions.  Today in practice I felt an even keener sense of awareness of  how involved the whole spine is to the rest of the body.  Or perhaps it is that  pain is a great teacher and communicator between the body and Self.

Back on my mat today I experienced so many new feelings and insights.  I felt like I had walked onto my mat for the very first time.  I loved every moment of it.

AND this is a true sign that I have evolved and grown.  In the past I would be quite hard on myself, feel frustrated and that the injury would set me back.

This time I felt free.  I felt that I was revisiting poses and learning something quite new about each one of them.  Instead of fighting my body to “perform” and get to the “end” of a pose, I relished every breath that brought me closer to another dimension of the pose.  I let go of the EXPECTATIONS and allowed my Self to enjoy the movement and flow of the breath.

This time I didn’t need to “get anywhere”.  I simply stayed present to the sensations of my whole body, and did what felt good and in tune with my own Self right at that moment.  AND this is precisely what I want from my yoga practice.

I want to cultivate more and more a refined awareness to what my body and mind and breath need at any given moment.  I want to feel more connected to my inner core and guiding teacher.  The inner Teacher that is the seer of truth and all that is perfect in the present moment. The inner teacher that expresses exactly what we need, how far we can go and when to pull back and who reminds us to  become aware of the present moment.


Have you heard your inner Teacher lately?

Have you connected with your inner truth?

How do we do this?

First become silent, and then LISTEN.  What do you hear?  What is that sweet, loving inner being expressing to you right now?

Take a moment, right now and STOP, PAUSE from reading this, and go INWARDS. Connect with your BREATH. FEEL it, HEAR it ,  and know the message.

Go ahead, STOP EVERYTHING AND do it now!

What just happened when you stopped and listened?  What did you feel, hear or sense?  Please share it here! I would love your replies 🙂


Rinse and repeat every single day.

Keep walking lightly, and practice yoga  with a deep respect for all of you 🙂






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9 02 2010
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