Lose weight, GAIN your CORE CONNECTION

19 01 2010

I meet many people on a daily basis in my practice and in business.   I have seen the pain of many who want to lose weight and become healthier.  Most are women who have struggled entire lifetimes trying to overcome this obstacle.

What if it doesn’t have to be a struggle?

What if we changed the way we approached the goal of attaining wellness and amazing health?

Weight loss has been addressed without consideration of the leading factor to obesity.


It’s NOT only WHAT you EAT, or HOW much you EXERCISE or HOW few CALORIES you INGEST or how insanely committed you are to your FOOD LOG!

I used to work as a personal trainer for a very established chain of fitness clubs.  What I saw was astounding.  I saw women exercising for hours, cutting all kinds of calories, eating low fat this and no sugar that and NOT LOSING AN OUNCE!  I was also one of those women.  NOTHING WORKED.  Or so it seemed.

Until I found my CORE CONNECTION that is.  That’s what I call the CURE TO OBESITY and EMOTIONAL EATING  in this western world of ironies and insane thinking.  When you make the decision to do the work necessary to make your core connection than you are on your way to not only LOSING WEIGHT but losing all the frustration and emotional instability you have been struggling with.


I’m dedicating the next phase of my life work to this mission. My goal is to help as many women as humanly possible realize they don’t need a weight loss program, diet pill or insane starvation regime to lose their extra weight.

We are all in this TOGETHER.  I am encouraging ALL WOMEN to band together and stop the nonsense and INSANITY of this DIET mentality and ADDICTION!

Remember the weight you want to lose is more than just the extra pounds on your body.  AIM to lose the REAL WEIGHT.  By this I mean:

  • LOSE the need to PLEASE OTHERS and NEGLECT yourself in the process
  • LOSE the frustration with dealing with unpleasant emotions like sadness, grief, disappointment, regret, shame, unworthiness.
  • LOSE the INNER EGOIC CRITIC that undermines your every positive, abundant and prosperous action

This is just some of what you can learn when you decide you want to CORE CONNECT and make a REAL CHANGE in your life.

Stay tuned as I will be launching my new project and mission to bring WOMEN back to their innate POWER.  I along with a phenomenal soul and great friend will be serving ALL WOMEN who want to truly CURE their struggle with food, emotions and health.

AND YES part of this program includes YOGA.  Remember YOGA DOES HEAL 😉

Love to all and blessings!

Mad loves

Traveling Yogi Piera




6 responses

19 01 2010

Can’t wait to hear more! (this has been a major issue for the past year)

20 01 2010

Awesome! i will definitely keep you posted. I discovered a way out of emotional eating insanity, am a true survivor. You can be too!!

Mad loves!


31 01 2010

Oh boy, do I need you.

1 02 2010

Hi there!

thanks so much for dropping by and replying! I will most definitely help you, I have created a very solid and effective method to heal the need for emotional over eating. The diet industry is failing us everyday.

One suggestion I will make right here is to stop DIETING. Throw all that diet food out and start going inwards. More details will come once I get the program online! will let you know 🙂

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to email me. I know the pain and have been there 🙂 lets support one another. There is a way out!

Love and blessings!

10 02 2010
Lose weight, GAIN your CORE CONNECTION | nv weight loss

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1 10 2010

where can i find this please .I’m in tears after reading this page especially the 5 things you can lose – i feel i have finally found someone who can help me ,thank you ,pam

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