Avatar a racist movie ???

18 01 2010

Have you seen the movie Avatar?  If you haven’t then leave your Pc right this minute and get to a theatre near you!  You will not regret this 3 hour masterpiece.

I wasn’t really planning on blogging about this movie, but something upset me enough to voice my frustration on here.

I recently read reviews of James Cameron’s Avatar , a  4 year project of blood, sweat and much joy.  Avatar has been critiqued as containing “racist overtones” and using the old history book storyline of white man versus primitive indigenous peoples.   So it is deemed “racist” because it portrays white man “saving” the primitive natives.

BULLOCKS! As one of my British friends would say when he hears pure nonsense.

I’m so over the political correctness of everything from washroom gender signs to defining the shade of the president of the United States.  People seem  to get caught up in what many yogis would call their “EGO mind” and feel they must complain about something.  Instead of seeing the potential and good of a work, they nit pick to find what isn’t in their view “acceptable”.

First of all in answer to the “racist” argument I must say- you really do see what you are.  I watched that entire film with so much of my emotional self involved that if I wasn’t crying, I was deeply feeling a resonance of love that most films FAIL every time to conjure up in me.   I didn’t even feel a slight ick during any part of this movie.  And I am VERY sensitive to racial slurs, and racism in general.

Secondly, how is it that we can see “the great white man saving the poor primitives” and not see how in fact it was the white man that was SAVED by the PRIMITIVES??!!!

Jake Scully the “white man” and protagonist went through a life transformation.  One that saved his soul from his own EGOIC MIND.  If anything WHITE MAN is portrayed as EVIL, GREEDY, CALCULATED, MONEY HUNGRY, BOTTOM LINE FEROCIOUS, DESTRUCTIVE, CRUEL and the LOWEST of all. Did you see that army captain growl and bark?  He was way more primitive than the Navi.  He was running on pure survival instincts of the reptilian brain.   It was white man that railed right through Pandora and attempted to destroy the life line of an entire population.

Really, who saved who?

Jake Scully learned not only about the land and survival he learned about his impermanent soul.  He learned that there is an eternal spirit that cannot be destroyed, and is the life source of all that is.  He was given “salvation” so to speak.  He was given the opportunity to AWAKEN from his slumber and EGO.  He was given the greatest gift anyone could possibly receive.  The ability to connect to that inherent source of all that is and ever was.

This movie truly displayed the lack of spiritual awareness and substance humanity is experiencing.  More now than ever before.  This movie brilliantly expressed the need for humankind to wake up to its greed and desire to destroy everything that is beautiful and right.

I have such a renewed admiration for Mr. James Cameron.  A brilliant director, creator and visionary.  It’s a shame that he is a real RARITY in Hollywood.  Can’t wait to see what he comes up with for 2014…..


The Travelling Yogi





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20 01 2010

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this movie racist- i do, however, find it odd that hollywood seem incapable of producing a movie where the indigenous culture is able to produce a hero of their own. Avatar, Dances with Wolves, and Dune show the “white man” joining the indigenous culture, undergoing a profound transformation, and leading the culture to victory. Why aren’t we seeing stories about indigenous cultures that are able to produce their own heroes by their own merits?

20 01 2010

I happen to see the indigenous in this movie as the “hero”. I didn’t see it as a white man waltzing in and saving the bunch. Because I really think he was the one that got “saved”. My 2 cents 😉

Mad Loves


21 01 2010

I thought it was a beautiful movie and agree that it was a great message for people to “wake up” and “let go” of there ego selfs. James really out did him self and I give him mad credit for creating such a beautiful piece of art. I also didn’t find the movie racist but more of a poke at the militarist idea of invading foreign land for recourses.

Great post, great flick!

Peas and loaf

21 01 2010

Hey thank you for reading my blog!! yes Avatar has definitely made an impact. Blessings!

Mad loves


12 02 2010
Avatar a racist movie ??? | nv weight loss

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