Return of the Yogi Jedi…. BACK PAIN was my saving grace

16 01 2010

Well its been quite some time that I have posted anything on my blog.  I want to first say thank you to all of you who come, read and offer your replies, feedback and comments.  I love and appreciate it all.  Thank you and continued blessings to you all.

I’ve taken a break and hiatus from blogging, tweeting and being online.

I needed some time for Retreating, Reflecting, Resting and Re-framing- My new four Rs 😉

I’ve had a few very life impacting events occur in my life in the past little while. They have  made me really stop and take stock of my personal life.    It’s simply amazing how the UNIVERSE keeps guiding us and blatantly will knock something over our head, until we get it.  I get it UNIVERSE, well at least some of it 😉

During December I incurred a very intense period of physical pain that really has been a blessing much needed and in disguise.  I re-injured my lower back yet again and have really come to terms with what it represents in my life. FINALLY!

The body never fails to communicate to us what we are to become awakened to.

Often times we simply ignore, neglect and push the voice of our very own internal intelligence away.  Only when the PAIN is unbearable enough do we stop and surrender to the wisdom within.  We get stopped in our very own tracks and sometimes end up flat on our backs. Literally!  As in my case.

I slept on my hardwood floor for 7 consecutive nights. Actually I would hardly describe it as sleeping.  I laid there, and reflected on everything that had been going on in the past year of my life.  It took a back injury to get me to STOP.  The pain was so intense I was forced to STOP running away from my internal grief, pain and unresolved issues.

I had been on auto pilot for years.  Listening to what EVERYONE ELSE thought was “good” for me.

I kept putting EVERYONE else first.  I wanted to please, appease and pacify EVERYONE around me.

I was trying to be the great girlfriend, the responsible daughter, the loyal employee, the committed yoga student. And

I had stopped BEING who I AM.

I neglected my own desires, my own needs and my own values.

I cried for 10 days.

Some of those tears were because I physically could not move.  I couldn’t sit in a chair.  I couldn’t stand for more than 3 minutes.  The only position I found any repose was lying on the hardwood floor on my back.  Clearly the universe put me there as a way to halt my self destruction.  To halt all the neglect I had put myself through.

And to awaken from my deep slumber.

Now some of you may be thinking , “girls cry, and they get emotional easily, so what?”.  Well I’m not one to wear my heart on my sleeve.  Most people that know me well can testify to this.  I can be quite contained and reserved in my feelings.  My very name Piera, comes from the origin of Pietra which means ROCK in italian.  Can’t get more solid than that.

But that’s changing.

One of the lessons I’ve learned from this injury is that I need to embrace all that I am, and all that I feel with a loving and pure heart.  That is really all the soul asks of us.  Self love, respect and kindness.

Everything else WORKS ITSELF OUT!!!

When life knocks you down,when you tumble to the ground, you only have one option.  You get right back up and begin just where you are. Everything is upwards from that point. Soul is eternal, and nothing can destroy it or take it away from you!

Just a note to all my readers:

I am back and committed to blogging about anything and everything you would like to know about yoga, healing, wellness and spiritual awakening.Please send me your requests, concerns and own personal stories.

I recently initiated a project with a loving  fellow spiritual and traveling warrior.  We are 1000% committed to helping anyone with thier desire to change and EVOLVE.  More info is coming soon, as we fully cement this initiative together.

I know my purpose here on this planet is to help anyone  that the universe brings to my path realize thier own awakening.  It can be painful.  But its the most gratifying experience you can ever encounter.  Your soul depends on it .


I am so very grateful to the Divine Intervention I experienced. I truly believe with every atom of my being that it was purely my internal source that put me down and spelled it out clearly what I needed to face and resolve.

Thank you, I am eternally appreciative of your brilliance and eternal guidance.





15 responses

17 01 2010

Thanks so much for sharing… beautiful!! I don’t have the back pain, but can totally relate nonetheless. Namaste.

17 01 2010

Hi Sarah!

Thank you so kindly for replying and reading my post. We all experience some form(s) of pain so this post is universal to all our suffering. I wish much happiness and blessings!

Mad loves!

19 01 2010

Thank you for your brave naked sharing. Wonderful post!

20 01 2010

Hi Elena!

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 I’m so blessed! Has taken me awhile to face the fear and brave it right through 🙂 namaste

Mad loves


21 01 2010

Amazing post Piera! It made me smile 🙂

Taking what others would feel to be a horribly life altering situation and transforming it into amazing spiritual growth. I have also recently felt/feel the universe pushing me into new and amazing directions. Most of the time not of my will but thats what it took to make me understand the messages I was being given.

Once again, wicked post!

Peas and loaf

21 01 2010

Awesome! You have no idea how much it means to make someone smile! Love that! I’m really moving on my path in a more conscious light than ever before. I am pausing, feeling, asking, and breathing into my life issues with more awareness. Pain is one of my greatest teachers! I now have a new found appreciation for it.

Thanks so much for reading my blog!

Mad loves

22 01 2010

You are truly an inspiration. We do get wrapped up in what everyone else wants from us that we forgot to tend to our needs. This is a lesson I am still struggling with. Congrats on the breakthrough.

22 01 2010

Thank you and much love to you as well! Being true to oneself is the key to personal freedom and happiness. With practice it just gets easier and easier 🙂



24 01 2010
sarah B.

Thank you so much for sharing. Your words brought tears to my eyes…I am experiencing much the same thing….just reinjured my back a week ago and it’s really hard for me as a commited yoga student who is starting to teach next week. Such a depressing thing but it’s teaching my patience and acceptance, things I sorely need to learn. Much love and many good wishes to you.

24 01 2010

Thank you for reading and replying to my blog! Pain has been one of my biggest teachers. It forces you to stop, reflect, ask questions, feel and exhale! I admire your courage and know that listening to that inner teacher will bring you to higher and higher grounds. Blessings! All the best to you 🙂



24 01 2010

I’ve been following your tweets and followed them here.
Thank you so much for saying this out loud. It’s such a powerful message to hear and to say. I’ve been going through a similar thing with fibromyalgia and all the drug therapy in the world was doing nothing. Finally I listened to my body and also what life kept trying to tell me. I kept running up against yoga and avoiding it. I didn’t think I was cool enough or something. Crazy stuff I know. But yoga is like unwinding myself, unwrapping my inner being and letting my spirit see the sunshine.
Please keep talking, people are listening.

25 01 2010

May God continue to bless you eternally!! Thank you so much for you love and response. I am touched, inspired and enlivened when I hear feedback like this. It keeps confirming I am doing my work here on this planet for the highest and greatest good. This thing we call “life” is all about intention. Each time you approach your mat, your work, your relationships and your health with love YOU CANNOT FAIL. It just is the Way. Keep CORE connecting with the breath EVERYDAY and you will live with more freedom and happiness you ever thought possible.

Much love and Blessings!!


25 01 2010

Hi Piera – thank you for the honesty, vulnerability, and hope (most of all hope) that you shared in your post. My husband lives with constant back and leg pain. Pain management doctors give him narcotics and muscle relaxers and anti-depressants, but no hope. They are slowly stealing his future from him. I pray and search for a holistic treatment facility. My ideal facility would treat the mind, spirit and body for people with chronic pain. They would evaluate each patient and devise a treatment plan for each one to teach them to live with their pain through proper diet, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, etc. They would not leave pain-free, but free none-the-less. That is how the medical profession would act in my Nirvana :O). Keep writing and bringing hope. XOXO

29 01 2010

WOW thank you for the courage to post that here! I know that pain, and what it means to feel vulnerable to health practitioners. Please know that you have OPTIONS! Don’t take one doctors evaluation as truth. Acupuncture saved me numerous times from intense debilitating pain. I can’t express how much this type of therapy did for me. Also I have been seeing an osteopath, which is way beyond chiropractic in terms of really meeting the energy disturbance of the pain.

Please know that your husband does not need to take meds for life. There are real alternatives that will help him actually heal the pain and not suppress it. When I hear stories like yours I get quite aggravated by the conventional medical field’s failure at giving a real cure.

Remember that pain is an accumulation of blocked energy and often is related to an emotional issue. heal the emotional/psychological problem and most times the pain disappears. this is not airy fairy talk. One book I highly recommend your husband and you as well read is “Body Mind Balancing” By Osho. Brilliant work on the mind body connection, and how you can heal using “body talk” and meditation and teh breath.

Please keep me updated! Would love to help you more. Let me know if you have more concerns!
All the best


1 02 2010

Thank you so much, Piera. Know that after reading your original post, I was inspired by you to challenge my husband to give me a 10 day commitment of doing Yoga and meditation with me every day. We are on day 3. He is a big strong man, but is using his body in a whole new way and it is talking to him. I am very hopeful that he will want to keep on this path at the end of our 10 day adventure. Your positive comments are very helpful to me. I am going to get the book and look into an Osteopath.
Be well,

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