Dating for Yogis

29 11 2009

I believe that within every human being resides an internal Yogi.  It’s that source of all knowingness that NEVER fails you. Some choose to live it, explore it and find fascination with the spiritual lessons encountered every single day.  And others ignore the yogi within or simply are not aware of their connection to a Higher Self.  We each live our own path.

The Yogi within is really the deepest part of you,  where AUTHENTICITY reigns and love is born.  So even though this blog post is entitled “Dating for Yogis” its really referring to EVERYONE!

Lets talk about dating and what it means to the Yogi who lives the yogi path and travels the spiritual journey.  As a single yogi I have been exploring my own truth and what I truly value and believe in.  Being single gives me the opportunity to step away from the world of relationships and realize that happiness must first reside within.  To attempt to find happiness, acceptance, excitement or fulfillment in another is really a futile way to achieve any of that.

Your happiness is within you.

Your acceptance is within you.

Your excitement is within you.

Your fulfillment is within you.

No person, place or thing outside of your higher self can give you true happiness or fulfillment.  We set ourselves up for failure whenever we rely on external factors to make us happy.

Finding happiness in the here and now , just as I am allows me to be the best possible version of myself.  Once I have learned that, I am coming from a place of AUTHENTICITY and sharing THAT with another is what creates a special bond and lasting relationship.

I recently read “If The Buddha Dated” by Charlotte Kasl. What a great read!  Its truly a handbook to finding love on a spiritual path.  Please read this book if you are single and value a strong connection to your spirituality.  Even if your married or in a relationship this book will support your desires to cultivate and maintain a loving and strong bond with your mate.

Being Authentic is the Key!

  • Values vs Interests: Having the same values as your partner is truly a must. Its the glue that keeps you bonding, growing together and connected.  Interests are different.  For example if you VALUE a family, a belief in a higher being or power, or a fit and health conscious lifestyle your partner should equally believe these are significant in his/her own life.  Interests like playing soccer, dance, rock climbing, fishing, fashion or <gasp> shall I say YOGA,  don’t determine compatibility.  You don’t have to share every single interest with your partner to make it work.
  • Individuality within a Couple:   WHO ARE YOU?  Do you know what you desire? What are your dreams?  Being an individual is probably one of the more difficult things to hang on to within a relationship. We can get lost in another’s own view and dreams.  Staying true to our own desires and dreams is equally important. It makes us happier because we are living our desires and growing from that place.  You can’t grow living to please another or gaining approval from another.  You are then living another person’s life, and that eventually manifests into resentment, hurt and pain.
  • Please STOP HIDING who you are!  Be yourself, completely.  From date one present your authentic self.  If you don’t usually wear make up or dress a certain way, then don’t do it for the first date.  If you don’t like sports than say so and don’t pretend to be the “sports chick or jock”.  If you absolutely dislike smoking than don’t pretend to be ok with that habit in another if you really aren’t.  What you are is what you are. Being proud of that is really the first lesson to learn before even attempting to find a mate.  Pretending to be someone you are not, is not only difficult to maintain but a lie you have to live.  How fun is that?

The following quote from “If the Buddha Dated”  brings home my point:

“Tobe loyal to our journey is to know the rhythm , tone and pulse of our essential inner world- the song that is ours ALONE’.  When two people bring the richness of their inner music to each other , they bring the possibility of a new composition, of counterpoint, harmony, voices weaving together creating a magical composition.

If we’re disconnected from the music of our essence, and attempt to find happiness through another’s song, there will be dependency and a relationship without harmony”.

So here is your homework….. Think about what you truly are passionate about.  What is your internal SONG?

Write that song out.

Take pen to paper right now and WRITE out the lyrics that makes your heart SING.

Then live that song, breath that song, play that song and you will ATTRACT another soul who resonates with your tune.   You’ll create a SYMPHONY of trust, respect and ACCEPTANCE.

I wish you the best on your search for the ultimate symphony of harmonious love!

Travelling Yogi





2 responses

2 12 2009

Wow. Either I channeled this to you or you were thinking of me when you wrote this because I was just telling people that the word of the day was Authenticity. Especially with yourself.

16 01 2010

Thank you for replying to my blog! I believe our energies connected 🙂 Being authentic is the only way to personal freedom and happiness. all the best to you!



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