For My Dear Friend

15 10 2009


I wrote this poem/prayer for a dear friend of mine.  She is a colleague of mine and just an inspirational soul.  She has helped hundreds of people achieve health and happiness.  Now she faces the challenge herself as she makes some sense of her diagnosis.  I love you, and I will say this prayer for you everyday without fail.

This poem/prayer is also for anyone who needs healing, the inspiration to carry on and the divine power of the infinite which heals all things and all people.  Believe in that eternal light of the universe.  It is your direct link to wellness and recovery from anything that you confront in your life.




It is in the silence we hear our soul

It is here we can be at peace.

There are no boundaries or limitations, this is the greater part of you, this is your true being.

In your stillness there is presence

In your presence there is awareness

In your awareness lies your truest healing

Find loving there, and then go deeper to find more.

It is limitless; this is inspiring, because it is your source for the greatest life possible.

It is in listening that we hear the answer,

It is within that we must turn for it.

Then allow it!

Allow it with every fiber of your of your existence.

This is the origin of your deepest calling.

Your beautiful and wondrous self knows no restrictions; it is infinite and knows what’s best

Loving starts there, and never ends, but grows without hesitation for it is here that all truth exists.

Forgiveness liberates your soul, and compassion guides your journey

Forgive yourself, forgive others, and let go and let God

This is where healing knows its birth; this is the purity of the infinite.

Go deeper once again, and there you will find the most precious part of you.

That part of you that delivers you from suffering, fear and pain.

Go deeper to find that essence, that magical feeling that has no name, but endures for your everlasting happiness.

It is here you are free, and just “being”

It is here you are expansive and just “being”

It is here you are reflective and in alignment with the oneness of this existence.

Just be, in being we are present, and we are in awareness of all that matters.


Travelling Yogi




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