Forever Young Yogis

13 10 2009


I recently began my new journey on the path to Yoga teacher certifiation and I noticed something quite interesting.  Yogis look so YOUTHFUL!

On the weekend when my teacher told me her age, my mandible dropped (jaw bone- sorry i’m on an anatomy kick these days).

I couldn’t believe it! I would easily calculate a decade less.  So then I began to look at other long standing yoga practitioners, and all of them were glowing in a very significant way.  All have less wrinkles, less fatigued looking faces, and no DULLNESS!

I have 20 something friends that don’t have the body my yogi teacher has.  I won’t say her age here but you can imagine she is past her youthful “prime”.  Actually I have now re defined that term altogether.  Age really has so little to do with your ability to do, be or have what you want in life.  I didn’t realize this till I really started hanging out with long standing Yogis.  I am down right inspired over and over again.

Yogi - Annelies Rigter

So how does YOGA slow the aging process?


1)The Breath:

  • Learning breathing exercises and the art of pranayama will encourage profound and infinite benefits.
  • Improved circulation of nutrients to all of the body, lowering of heart rate and blood pressure which are prime markers of health and wellness.
  • The breath balances the nervous system, it induces relaxation and encourages better sleep!  MORE SLEEP = longer life and overall better ability to regenerate cells.

2) Strengthens muscles, joints, ligaments

  • stronger muscles, joints and ligaments = stronger spine and a stronger spine means you won’t be hunching over when your 60 or 70.  We see the effects of osteoporosis now as early as the age of 40!
  • stronger bones as well, means less breakage, healthier posture and alignment
  • less injuries in general when our bodies are stronger and more flexible


  • Stress is the number one AGING factor
  • Stress robs you of nutrients, slows down regeneration process, disturbs SLEEP
  • Stress is a prime factor in chronic illness and disease- namely HEART DISEASE!
  • Stress will make you look a decade older in very little time, it deprives you of peace of mind, and tranquility
  • Stress depresses ADRENAL function, and sexual function in general.  Lowered hormonal effects usually occur with age.  Yoga enhances sexual and hormonal function, keeping you at a biologically younger age than your “real” chronological age


  • Digestion determines how well you absorb the nutrients in your food.  Yoga enhances proper digestion, metabolism of calories, and nutrient extraction from your food
  • Poses like twists in particular enhance organ function and health such as the liver, stomach, and colon.  Remember the digestive tract is our “SECOND” brain- and as such will determine the rate of our aging process because it is directly linked to our nervous system.

5) YOGA encourages you to change your lifestyle

  • Everyone I have ever talked to about yoga will express how the practice on the mat eventually and quite dramatically will transfer to their real day to day life
  • Yoga encourages compassion for the Self and the other.  You begin to truly have the golden rule embodied within you.  ” Do unto others as you would have done to you” this quoted from the bible out of the mouth of Jesus Christ, has become one of the rules we can never deny. Rod Stewart also quotes this eternal truth in his “Forever Young”.  Simply is the truth.
  • You drink less, eat less, end smoking and harmful addictions of all kinds.  This greatly enhances youthfulness
  • You react in a less aggressive or intrusive matter. You begin to see YOURSELF in OTHERS.  This alone can transform Every One’s LIFE.  So you begin to stress less, get aggravated less and you don’t scrunch up your face so much , and BANG LESS WRINKLES 😉


So there you have it.  YOGA = YOUTHFULNESS!

What is really my main point here?  It’s that what we put into our bodies, our minds and how we feed our soul on a daily basis truly determines our whole external and INTERNAL reality.

Change your perception and you change EVERYTHING about yourself.

And whats wrong with the additional benefit of looking less tired, less fatigued, DULL and WORN OUT before your 50?

Absolutely nothing 😉

Travel lightly Rod Stewart’s Forever Young 😉


Travelling Yogi




10 responses

13 10 2009
Renee Ludwigs

I started practicing yoga in my mid 50’s and can definitely attest to the many benefits you’ve listed. People tell me all the time that I look younger than my age. Of course I love that! But more than that, yoga has given me a tranquility and serenity that has made a huge difference in my life.

Renee Ludwigs

22 10 2009

Hi Renee

Thanks for the feedback and its so great to hear how much yoga is doing for your wellbeing! I wish you much more health, and ageless yoga practice!! 🙂

Travelling Yogi

13 10 2009

Fantastic entry. You never disappoint. People mistake me for a decade younger also. “It’s the yoga,” I always say. Namaste, sister.

14 10 2009

Thank you so much for your feedback! Yoga is an eternal youth giving elixir, among many other benefits. Wish you the best in health and love always!


14 10 2009

Nice looking blog! I started yoga in my forties and got my teaching cert in my mid fifties. I can do things that twenty year olds can’t!

14 10 2009

Great summary and reminder of all the bennies of yoga.

15 10 2009
Audrey in the UK

Double-edged: yoga keeps you young while enabling you to let go of the idea of staying young! I love it.

18 10 2009

I have been practicing yoga off and now on for 37 years (YIPES) people tell me all the time that I look great and guess my age a full decade younger than my birth certificate says I am.
It’s quite right to believe that age is simply a reference; we truly are as young as we feel. Yoga is an agent for change on every level. It is rewarding, subtle and empowering. Yoga is the gift that you give yourself that allows you to give inspiration to others.

21 10 2009

You are so so SO on the money with this post! Definitely! Great post for all of us beginners too. Very good to know! I’m 44 and have never felt better since starting to practice. I can’t wait to see how I’m doing at 54. Life is great!

21 10 2009
Anna @ GreetingsthatGrow™

Beautifully written! I started doing yoga at home a few months ago and love it. I watch Namaste Yoga on FitTv sometimes and even my young daughters enjoy it–often they can do positions longer and easier than I can!

I definitely want to learn more about yoga and make it a regular part of my daily exercise. Thanks for the great info!

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