Hot Cleansing Elixir Tea

12 10 2009


Getting right into the Cleanse……

I’m on a cleansing kick as you might already know from my past post and tweets.  Cleansing is really exciting for me. I know that sounds freaky and weird. But hey that’s me.

I guess cleansing really gives me an opportunity to get in touch with my body on a physical and mechanical sort of way.  I can really see, and feel changes happening.  I won’t get into the more gross details, but the overall releasing of toxins helps me feel more at peace with myself.

I feel like I’m letting go of all the crap (pun intended)  and allowing more space to be created.  I can see my skin looking brighter,  I have more energy, and I already feel more mental clarity.  This is certainly helping me write my first book.  My writing seems to be taking a really passionate direction.

I’ve also already lost weight, have gotten over the headachey first stages and feeling amazingly energetic.  I slept about 5 hours last night. I woke up without my alarm, and feeling like I was on crack!  I literally jumped out of bed, and was so pumped to start my day.  Normally 7 hrs are just barely enough to make me feel rested.  This is really awesome!

I want to share a really healthy, stimulating tea recipe I make throughout a cleanse and also during the cold winter months.  The following tea helps increase the metabolism, promotes healing of the digestive tract,  encourages increased blood flow to extremities and throughout all the body and really is warming to the whole system.

If you are too warm, have hot flashes, or your Chinese medical doctor or naturopath determined you have too much “heat” in your system you would be advised to not drink this tea, or have it very occasionally.  It is best suited for colder constitutions and those lacking vital heat.

Piera’s Warming tea Elixir


1/8-1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper

1 tsp fresh grated ginger

1 tsp green Genmaicha tea

1 tsp of agave or raw honey

1-2 glasses of 90 degree temp. filtered water

Place all ingredients above in a large mug and add water and steep for 5-8 minutes.  You may remove the green tea after 2-3  minutes, steeping the green tea too long will make it bitter tasting.


VOILA! you have a warming, cleansing and invigorating hot toddy.  Its perfect when you have a cold or SORE THROAT.  It will actually soothe a BURNING, painful sore throat. A sore throat is unlike what I was speaking of above.  It does not indicate an imbalance in your vital heat or lack of.  IN other words, a sore throat or cold can result from a number of factors ( mainly stress, poor nutrition, compromised immune system) not because you have “too much heat” in your system.

You may think that something hot or burning would increase the sensation of  a similar sensation but as homeopathy’s first law , like heals like, this is exactly what will help here.  So for a sore throat, just try it!  Next time you feel burning, aching sore throat try this hot alcohol free toddy!

Would love to hear your comments!

All the best in your own yogi travels!

Travelling Yogi





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