Cleansing On The Journey

8 10 2009

Vermont Autumn Cliche

Its that time of year again for me. Its cleansing time, and I am excited to go through it once again! Cleansing brings renewal, it allows us to let go of what isn’t serving us, and it restores our bodies.  Its also offers us the opportunity to self reflect , and go inwards.

Cleansing will enable you to get more out of your meditation and yoga practice as well.  You will feel lighter, and more fluid.  Your body will function better, and this transfers to your spiritual well being as well.  Welcome to the power of cleansing!

The season has changed and we are heading into the dormant stage of the year- WINTER!  For some its exciting and for others its downright depressing.

This year seems quite different for me as I let the remnants of the past summer gently go. I usually try to hang on, resisting the thoughts of a cold winter up ahead.  I am fully and consciously making this winter one I will make every effort to enjoy regardless how much snow accumulates, how much ice forms on the ground and how much below zero temps prevail.  I intend on getting right into a set of skis and discovering what snow shoes feel like on my feet.  Its all how you perceive things. Change your thoughts and you change your present experience.

As for now I prepare by doing my twice annual cleanse.  I honestly do keep a pretty clean diet, but we’re not immune to all the toxins that surround us.  We breath in air that is full of chemicals we can’t even pronounce.  Our water regardless of how much it has been filtered, bottled or ‘distilled” is still never 100% pure.  Our food has no guarantees, and even organic can be questionable.

Fortunately I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or eat fast food. That eliminates a lot of toxic stress and overload that otherwise would compromise my health further.  I maintain regular physical activity everyday, and I integrate Yoga as my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness medicine.  More and more studies are suggesting the powerful therapeutic effects yoga has on prevention of disease and healing chronic and acute disease states already in progress. I also take homeopathic remedies on a regular basis to improve my immunity and prevent illness.


Like YOGA cleansing is for everyone.

Well almost everyone.  Those that are facing serious chronic illness, in palliative care, or have never done a cleanse in their life should not do a regular deep acting cleanse. Illness requires that you heal the body first, and allow the body to use its reserves to do precisely that.

For those who have NEVER done a cleanse- begin with your DIET! Don’t go out and buy a cleansing kit, or start a water cleanse if you have never ever done one,  and especially if your existing diet and lifestyle are horrendous.  YOU WILL MAKE YOURSELF VERY ILL! That’s a kind warning.  Please be careful.  Cleansing is sometimes not fun.  It often feels quite intense in the beginning and requires some to adjust and rest.



  • BEGIN WITH DIET– clean up your existing diet.  This alone will begin the cleansing process for someone who is not eating a healthy sound diet.
  • Stop eating JUNK food- no more fast food lunches or dinners.  Make your lunch and when you do eat out choose healthier options
  • CUT out all SUGAR, SALT and coffee.  You might have to gradually eliminate these foods. Withdrawal symptoms will be unpleasant for heavy coffee drinkers and sugar junkies.
  • Stop buying processed and packaged foods!  Try shopping only from the outer isles of the grocery store, stick with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean fish and meat, organic eggs, herbs and spices.
  • DRINK more water! Water mobilizes toxins out of the body and rehydrate every one of your cells.  Drink at least 2 litres a day!
  • Cut down on animal protein sources.  Try going vegetarian twice a week.  Try two full days a week without any meat, fish or eggs.  See what happens 🙂
  • Take a pro biotic  this will encourage the digestive system to heal and help with bowel function, and INCREASES immunity!  Triple Star supplement 😉
  • JUICING– try juicing your veggies and fruits.  having at least 2 glasses of green veggie juice will help you cleanse and replenish any nutrient deficiencies


Begin there and you will notice within as little as 2 weeks amazing changes.  Your skin will get clearer, your hair will seem shinier, your lungs will feel stronger, your energy will sky rocket!  The first few days may be hell. I will be honest.  Letting go of all the crap will be a change your body needs to get used to.  So be patient, and DRINK MORE WATER.

You may feel headaches come on, nausea, more bowel movements than you usually do, some stomach upset, fatigue and just a yuck feeling.  THESE WILL PASS.  Trust me.  You just have to get through the initial few days.  Then the REAL AMAZING energy comes.  And when it does, memories of the yuck will be forgotten.

So what is a cleanse? and why do we need to perform a few every year of our lives?

Well like I said we are bombarded by toxins in our environment, food, and daily stressful lives.  Stress itself is toxic.  it burdens the body, by adding more to the bodies workload.

Smoking, drinking even one drink a day, eating processed and fast food, excess preservatives, not exercising regularly will add to your toxin status.

A cleanse will help the detoxifying organs of the body ie the colon, liver, skin, lymph nodes and lungs to release stored up toxins.  This allows the actual organ to regenerate itself, thereby creating a more efficient detox system in your body.  Its like cleaning the dryers filter every time you use to dry your clothes.  If you don’t do it , the darn thing gets clogged up and backed up and the dryer will burn out sooner or later.


CLEANSE to avoid burn out!

Cleanses help the body to restore and regenerate on a very real cellular level.  A lot of the results are not seen by the eyes.  But your blood, lungs , heart, liver and digestive system will feel the effects within days.


If you have done cleanses in the past or are pretty healthy and maintain a close to as possible pristine lifestyle as possible than you can go ahead and do a more intense cleanse.  You can buy a cleansing kit at your local health food store.  There are some very reputable ones I recommend to my patients.  These include the right amounts of herbs, and fibres needed during a cleanse.  Some are 1 week cleanses, others are full month cleanses.  Shorter cleanses tend to be more intense and therefore are for the veteran cleanses.  The longer cleanses are great for those less savvy, and/ or want a more gentle cleanse over a longer period of time.

The other type of cleanse you can do is juicing or water only fasts.  AGAIN be careful here.  If you are fairly new or have done an occasional cleanse, I would suggest you not go this route right off  the bat.  Do them down the road, when you’ve done some preliminary cleansing.

Adjuncts to your herbal Cleansing Kit:

  • Sauna therapy- use a sauna, ideally on daily basis and the Infra red Type of Sauna
  • Hot Yoga- during a regular cleanse, you can do hot yoga and the extra sweating will help with detoxification.  If you are doing a water or juicing fast, I don’t reccomend you do hot yoga, or any intense excericse.
  • Gentle Yoga– stimulates all the glands, lymph nodes, and digestive system, helping the elimination process
  • Meditation– regenerates the mind, nervous system and whole internal self, replenishing what stress took away
  • Extra Fibre supplements- taking natural source fibers without any artifical sugars, sweetners will help to bind the wastes and increase elimination. DRINK WATER WATER WATER!


Herbal and plant source Cleansing kits are very effective.

Look for the following herbs on the label of the kit.   Make sure that most of these are included:

  • aloe,
  • ground sprouted flax,
  • slippery elm bark,
  • wormword, mullein,
  • marshmallow root ( not the one you roasted on the fire!),
  • rhubarb root,
  • fennel seed,
  • ginger root,
  • triphala,
  • milk thistle,
  • ashwaghanda,
  • burdock root,
  • cleavers,
  • dandelion root and leaves,
  • tumeric
  • Red clover flower
  • garlic
  • hawthorn berry
  • artichoke leaf
  • oregano

Cleansing is beneficial on all levels.  The sense of lightness and energetic vibrancy that comes on is just the tip of the iceberg.  Continued cleansing, and simply eating healthier, meditating, and taking the time to go inwards for yourself all help you connect with that greater part of you.  You become more whole, integrated, and less attached to external circumstances.


If you have further questions or concerns please send post them and I will do my best to guide you and offer suggestions.

Cleanse, regenerate and shine your true colours.

As always keep travelling light and with love.


Travelling  Yogi




3 responses

8 10 2009
Ryan Biddulph

What a comprehensive read. Thanks for sharing.

I enjoy all seasons. Perhaps it’s the BS in Meteorology but I truly appreciate all weather that God has to offer. I can’t express how much my life has improved as I’ve decided to live clean. I drink at least a gallon of water a day and go vegan throughout the week. All beans and veggies. This is from someone who used to bodybuild and scarffed down meal after meal of animal-based proteins.

I feel incredibly light and fit. I’ve reached my optimum weight. It feels right instead of forced.

I meditate 2-3 times a day. Purifying. Being still reveals the things which disturb my stillness; attachments. Observing them and letting go is where peace begins.


17 10 2009
Lindy Gruger Hanson

Thanks for all the information! That is great. We do a detox diet about twice a year! It feels so good! What kind of probiotic do you use and recommend? I’ve used Culturelle (sp?) but would like to know what others are using?

17 10 2009

Hi Lindy!

Thanks for the feedback and for visiting my blog. As for probiotics, I would highly reccomend Genestra brand. They make a product called “HMF forte”. its their strongest one, and they are a very reputable company. Their probiotics are guaranteed for safety and purity. Hope that helps!


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