Break through FEAR the yogi way

1 10 2009



Its interesting how change sometimes seems so scary and yet is so necessary in life.

Change is transition.  Movement, development and redefining.  Seen in this light it begins to lose its “scariness’.  The fear of change is really a normal experience for many people.  Something that isn’t known or certain often leaves us feeling vulnerable and less than confident with ourselves.

But thats precisely the impetus for growth and overcoming the barrier to our goals and desires.  So its the initial breaking through stage of fear thats the hardest.  Once you take that first step,  you are well into the transition of change and fear fades in the background. 

Because at the precise moment you immerse yourself in it, you have begun the process of evolving yourself and you are never the same thereafter.  Even if the decision doesn’t work out, or you fail at the risk taken, you ALWAYS COME OUT stronger and more prepared for whatever is to come.

I’ve had quite a bit of this in my life lately. I must admit its challenging to face fear.  Fear seems to have such a gripping energy.  It can often leave us feeling paralyzed and unable to see through it. It also can become stronger and stronger the longer we remain sitting in our present situations without taking action to face it.

  When you know that the present circumstances just don’t feel right, that everyday seems to be a struggle and you don’t feel you are stepping forward in the direction of your goals, FEAR is there to INDICATE you need to take some sort of action. 

Uncertainty is usually something most people are not comfortable with. Its sometimes a roller coaster ride of emotions and thoughts.  The unknown is precisely that UNKNOWN. The only way to get through it, is to FACE IT.

 So why not embrace it?  AND realize  the amazing fact that we all are so much more than we think we are.  That we have SUCH UNTAPPED potential that’s so READY to gush out. That FEAR won’t KILL you, it won’t destroy you, it won’t be anymore painful than the unhappiness you may be feeling in life. 

So the REAL fear isn’t:

  • I’ll be poor my whole life because I just don’t know how to make more money
  • I’ll be alone my whole life because i’ll never have a healthy relationship with someone
  • I’ll be sick my whole life because i don’t know how to get well
  • I’ll never find the acceptance I’m looking for
  • I’ll never be able to accomplish my dreams because I’m not smart enough, powerful enough, or have enough RESOURCES

Problem is we’re afraid of our LIGHT.


I used to think it was FEAR OF DARKNESS.  As a homeopath I often see this in practice and lately I’ve been seeing it MORE OFTEN than ever.  Or perhaps I am more ATTUNED to itright now.  Soo many people are afraid of their potential greatness.  Its not a fear of what we can’t do, or of failing.  Its more OFTEN a fear of WHAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF!

AND we are such amazing souls, its astounding how much is not unleashed.  I see such strong individuals conquer so many obstacles and challenges and then fail to realize HOW GREAT THEY ARE already.  I often hear “I don’t have enough, I need to accomplish more, have more success, more diplomas on my wall, more children, more cars, more paychecks”.  What they aren’t privy to is really quite unfortunate.

They are PERFECT just as they are.  They are divine souls and beings living their best possible selves.  AND eveyday we evolve, CHANGE, transition and continue to REFINE the beautiful beings that we already are. Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise!

We aren’t here to PROVE anything to anyone.  But I do believe awakening to the divinity within  is the core of healing, growing and evolving on this planet.

Core connection begins the moment we awaken from that deep slumber of EGO.  All the mind stuff that prevents us from shining is what keeps us unhappy and unfulfilled. 

What mind stuff do you engage in on a daily basis?

  What do you focus on everyday? 

Do you see the beauty in life, even when things appear to be  downright CRAPPY and painful? 

The beauty is always there, its called LOVE.


 Coming to a sense of loving even when you feel the whole world has let you down, is the strongest thing you can do for yourself.  AND it gets you out of the CRAP faster than anything on this planet!  NO pill, no food, no man or woman, no trip to Vegas, no shiny diamond ring, no 500$ pair of Minolos will EVER give you that.  They may numb the pain for the moment, but lasting happiness can only come from one source.

Its already within you.  We often hear from all the SELF help GURUS that you “must go WITHIN”. Not bad advice.  But you have to do the work.  You have to experience what that means.  Going within requires the following:

  • Effort on your part to take the time to be with yourself and meditate or find a way to connect with stillness
  • A willingness to feel the PAIN and endure it until you work through it.
  • PATIENCE with yourself, and others
  • FORGIVENESS first for your self, and then for all those you feel have hurt, betrayed, or caused you pain
  • TRUST that you won’t auto destruct, that you are SUPPORTED and guided and SAFE
  • ACCEPTANCE of everything that has happened, and currently IS
  • Learning to LOVE yourself just as you are RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow, not next year when you have the right job, the right man or woman, the right house. the right family. NOW is here, and acceptance of it, is your TRUE LIBERATION to lasting happiness and fulfillment

What steps are you taking to come closer to that inner self healing mechanism within you?


Pause, and just stop whatever it is you are doing.  Breath into that space, and you will find SPACE begins to emerge where constriction, tightness, and impossibly once remained. 

Everytime you feel FEAR, pain, anxiety, anguish, uncertainty just ask yourself:

Have I PAUSED at all today?




Travelling Yogi





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5 12 2009

Power to overcome hardships!

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thank you.

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