Demolition Man

10 09 2009

Epilogue to my last post…..

I walked out of the theater, and felt a sense of elation.  Not only was the film written well and creatively pieced together, it confirmed what I already knew yoga to be.  Yoga is what you experience when you bring union into your life, on whatever level that is you choose.

I stepped on to the subway and slipped my hand into my handbag to retrieve a new book I had recently taken out of the library. A light chick lit read, that I wanted for times like these where one has had enough with thinking and digging deep into the philosophical world.

Subway Shuffle

I began to read, and after flipping 3 pages, I noticed the man sitting just across from me.  He had been talking to himself in quite an animated way since he got on.  I just didn’t notice right away.  He looked about 5’3, wore hearing aids on each ear, and held a cane on his lap.  He motioned his hands to the ceiling and down to his heart and I didn’t get what he was saying right away. His speech a tad slurred, yet what was audible began to make me really listen.  And listen I did.

With a wide eyed expression, he declares something and gestures to the ceiling, with one of his long gnarled fingers.  I couldn’t make it out.  He caught my puzzled expression and began scribbling something on his paper.  He flashed it and it read:


I simply nodded, no debate there from me.  He went on “God is love, and love is everywhere”. I was getting ready to be handed some kind of Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon flyer inviting me to one their meetings.  But nothing of that nature happened.

“Love your friend, love the one next to you, because God is love and is always here”.  Again I couldn’t help but nod in agreement.  I began to smile because the passenger seated right next to him began to giggle and take interest.  It was like we all understood.

God is watching

Then the words that struck me most, and simply won’t forget were exactly what inspired this blog post.  He took his pen, returned to scribe his next profound statement.


He is the one that helps us all.  Then he blurted much much more, but I couldn’t make much of it out. Frankly at this point, it didn’t matter. I fully understood.  God is the demolition man. Not the one we learned about in the Old testament where God is an avenging force, ready to punish us the moment we just slip even slightly from the blessed 10 commandments.  No.  This was a different Terminator.

GOD IS THE DEMOLTION MAN. And when I hear the term “GOD” it is for me,  the knowing force, that “infinite intelligence”, Napolean Hill goes on about for over 200 pages, in Think and Grow Rich.  God is the demolition of OUR UNCONSCIOUSNESS and unawareness in life.  God is pure presence, pure knowing, and being in this state abolishes all darkness, all sleeping states, and awakens us to our REAL TRUTH.

Grinning from ear to ear I looked at this messenger before me , and simply thanked him.  Sometimes angels appear from no where, and call me crazy, but this sure didn’t feel like a coincidence after watching ENLIGHTEN UP.  This man whom most around me ignored, seemed to know more than all the scholarly folk I had learned from in university lecture halls.  I would bet most people on that subway train,  thought he needed to be institutionalized, but I would argue there is way more absurdity and craziness in our own seemingly “normal” day to day lives.  His only agenda was to express what he was feeling in his heart at that very moment.

He mumbled something again, and then I caught his last words ” Nothing moves without love”. How complete is that?  Entirely.  He got up and limped to the door, cane in one hand, newspaper in the other, and faded away from view as the subway departed for the next station.  No bible thumping, no Watching Tower publication, no invite to  Born Again Christian meetings. Just simply a message that stirs the soul.

So yes God is the demolition man, powefully bringing us to the presence that it simply is.  The light of awareness that we seek is POSSIBLE.

To feel happier, and feel  we are THRIVING and riding a high is the DEMOLITION of all that egoic conformity.  The moment we let go of those confines, the preconceived notions about what “should” be or not be, we come to GOD. We demolish our unconscious behaviour, and wake up from our deep slumbers.

Sometimes we think people who talk to themselves are “crazy” but we all talk to ourselves in some way.  Eckhart  Tolle mentions in his  Power of Now, how he once sees a women who is carrying on a very loud and angry conversation with herself.  Some of us do it in our heads , and some of us take it a step further and just express it outwards.  Who’s crazier, the one that lets it out, or the one who keeps brewing it, over and over in the confines of thier minds?

Travelling Yogi





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14 09 2009

thank you for sharing!

14 09 2009

Hi there

Thanks so much for reading my blog post! what did you like best?

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