A Yogi EATS Prays and Loves

24 08 2009

I now eat from a different place. 

 My travels have brought me to a deeper understanding of my nutritional needs.  Yogis are often thought of as natural, vegan and totally organic eaters. 

Ummm not quite.  Sorry to dispel this utopian myth.  But yogis can be junk food eaters, fast food fanatics, and alas yes even eat meat.  Does that make them less of yogi than the prudent vegan?  Not in my opinion.  We all have choices.  If there is any ideal we should strive for it is to maintain BALANCE in all aspects of our lives.  And that includes our meals and food choices. 

If one eats vegan, purely organic and never allows for some deviation- and believes this is the more enlightened way, can this also be considered a product of EGO?  

If being pure in diet becomes such an obession- that every morself becomes calculated, is this the middle path that Buddha talked and encouraged?  I don’t think so.

Suffering is often a product of EGOIC practices.  Once the mental constructions rule our existence, however benevolent we think they are this too becomes a problem.  We are then slaves to this convincing behaviour that reinforces our EGO’s need to feel better, higher, more enlightened than those that don’t partake in this lifestyle.

We can be Yogis, travelling this path and ultimately reach better states by simply walking our OWN path.  Walking our paths with pure intention, love and gracious appreciation for all that is given to us.  This is the way of the Yogi.  Realizing that love is the healer of all that troubles us. 

Realizing that forgiveness is the medicine of the heart’s suffering.

Realizing that we are blessed and having gratitude for all that we receive becomes a  pure and divine experience

Love, forgiveness and gratitude melt the constructions we build in our minds.

So eating healthy is a great practice.  Eating more plant based meals is very nourishing to our bodies, minds and souls.  But don’t become too attached to this.  Thats when it becomes an EGOIC trap.  Any attachment is simply the EGO holding on to something it defines as solid, safe and secure. 

Alkalinizing & detoxifying salad

Alkalinizing & detoxifying salad

Allowing freedom in all areas of your life enables SPACE to be created around your thoughts, ideas and intentions.  So if your body wants green leafy vegetables in a beautifully colourful salad, than go for it.  If your body also says, a nice juicy steak is what I need today than go for that too.  TRUST in your body’s instincts.  TRUST your body knows what it needs today to bring you to that greater existence you deserve.  TRUST the signals your cravings and desires communicate to you.  If we listen to that inner source of intelligence, we never lose. 

As I have mentioned in my previous post about dieting, LISTENING to what your body and inner source tells you is the best guidance you can receive.  Meat is not for everyone.  It can make many people very ill.  Some people just don’t digest meat at all. 

AND for some Veganism is not tolerated or the best nutritional option either.  I have seen in my practice many clients who become very ill when they DON’T listen to thier bodies wisdom. 

 If your body wants some great tasting chocolate as a treat, then allow for it.  Chocolate is not evil.  Yes it can be very rich and sweet.  Its preceisely why when we OVER DO IT,  it doesn’ feel right or do our bodies good.  Its knowing that just enough is enough.  This takes time, and eventually you will know when enough feels good enough.


EAT for your personal wellness, not because the media, hollywood or DR Atkins says so. 

A yogi eats as her  mind, body and soul communicates to her.  This encourages, self love, respect and inner awareness. When you listen and respect your intuition you build a strong relationship with that greatest part of you.  The part that is healing, abundant and a never ending spring of unconditional loving. 

This is the Yogic way.

As yogis we eat, pray and love continously on our travels.  We eat for sustenance, to satisfy all hungers and to nourish the mind body and soul  We pray through thoughts, mantra, ASANA practice, intention, gratitude and acts of forgiveness.  AND we LOVE through unconditional service and giving. 

If you have any questions, please send them my way.  I would love to help you in any way I can.

Travel YOUR journey connected with YOUR soul, for it is the greatest part of you!


Travelling Yogi




2 responses

25 08 2009
Dragonclaw Studios

WOW…This has been my attitude for a while , and I felt like I was kind of an outcast. Thanks for voicing my thoughts!

25 08 2009

Thank you blessed one for your response! I’ve been involved with the practice of yoga and the “yoga community” for a decade now. EGO seems to creep into everywhere. Including this so called enlightened community. We must remember that anything can be taken too far. Lets aim to travel as yogis on the middle ground. Learning to balance and take what we need to achieve greater awareness of the moment. No more and no less 🙂

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