This Yogi Doesn’t Do Diets!

16 08 2009

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I have journeyed the land of diets and dieting for many years now. Most of it is in the past. My final conclusion- diets fail you every time. There is a reason the would DIE is in diet.


You essentially negate a part of you every time you eat from an external cue. The only cue that does not lie is the one your body innately gives you every moment of every day.


I like to now call my eating habits- my dietary lifestyle. Its taken me many years to truly come to terms with what it means to eat for my bodies needs and nutritional benefit. I often would eat something because of the what the latest headline said would cinch my waistline over night. Or hear about a new diet from a friend and jump on the bandwagon, only to fall off a little more exhausted, depleted and heavier in the end.


No thanks, not anymore.


So I threw out all my diet fad books. I burned a few I thought could not be risked being picked up by anyone who happened to be walking by the heap of trash I left on my curb. I could not have that on my conscious. Now I have some idea what those bra burning feminists felt like in the 60s. Freedom is so inspiring. Truly lightens the soul.


SO I then courageously decided to experiment with all foods. Yes, this travelling yogi took a leap on the journey to a much emotionally charged area of her life. Food.


I began to eat all foods. Including <gasp!> carbs! Have I lost my yogi marbles? No. I am giving my body what it needs. I included also fat and animal proteins, vegetarian proteins, fruits, nuts, oils, ect ,ect. I tried it all. And what began to happen felt like magic.


I would eat a food, lets take meat as an example, and notice d I did not at all feel good after ingesting it. From indigestion to constipation, the digestive upset was quite evident. So I LISTENED to my body and stopped eating meat. NOT because my Yogi guru told me, not because Madonna is a vegan, and certainly not because Pamela Anderson says so. But because for my own digestive system it did not make friends.


I did this with all foods. Paying close attention to how I felt after eating them. I also began to SLOW down and listen to what my body asked for when it was hungry. Really hungry for food. Not because my ex boyfriend tripped me out.


So this is the ONLY and most GENIUS DIET I would reccomend.


Its called the LISTENING DIET.


We listen for the internal wisdom to speak and communicate what is best for us. And this may change from day to day, hour to hour, month to month, and year to year. Your inner intelligence never fails to communicate what is for your greatest and highest good.


At first it may seem challenging. We may not hear that inner voice. We may have ignored it or pushed it away for quite a long time. But please trust me. With time, patience and daily practice – your inner voice gets clearer, stronger and is truly your best friend. Just like with Yoga. You probably couldn’t do a full wheel the first yoga class you took. Practice and patience are the keys.


Here are some very practical tips :




1) SLOW DOWN. Whether you are at work, at the dinner table at home or somewhere in between, STOP for a few seconds before you inhale the meal thats in front of you. Taking a few moments to check in with how you are feeling is so crucial when deciphering real hunger from emotional needs.


Take some breaths and ask yourself “what does (insert your name) need right now?” You will get an answer, if you are quiet enough and persistent with this. You may just be told, you need to take a nap because the all nighters you’ve been pulling to get that deadline at the office done has been taking its toll on your energy reserves. So what you thought was food hunger, really was SLEEP hunger. Go get some zzzs first. Then think about the hagen daz staring at you from the icebox later when your head is a little clearer.


2) Food Reaction Journal:


Yes more journaling. But I promise you don’t have to keep a food diary for long. Just enough time to allow you to see which foods you are reacting to. So after an hour or so after every meal write down how you feel physically, mentally and energetically.


This can give you a basic idea which foods are more a foe than a friend. If you want to take this one step further, get a food test by your alternative health practitioner. We test for everything under the sun. But the main ones you want to get tested for are :

  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Wheat
  • Fruits
  • Nuts


3) Gratitude and Appreciation:


I can’t emphasize enough how much this has personally helped me. My intention before a meal or snack really sets my energetic frequency higher. When I express gratitude for what is before me on my plate I feel so much more from the experience of eating it.


Before every meal or food you ingest quietly in your mind or out loud if you like, simply acknowledge and thank all those that allowed that food to be right there for you. Think of the farmers, the grocers, your own effort to pay and bring it home. Be thankful to EVERYONE.


Its amazing what a simple intention like this can do for your digestion and enjoyment of the meal. Also for those wanting to shed pounds, you will FEEL satisfied with just the amount your body needs. Because you have communicated soulfully and with gracious intent.


For some food is a neutral addition to their lives. For others food can be one of the most trying things to deal with day in and day out. Cultural upbringing can include our first experiences with what food means for us. We learn that food isn’t just something that fulfills our nutritional needs. Its used to celebrate holidays, religious rituals and many other commemorative occasions.


What does food mean to you? Have you ever thought about it?


Journal it now. I’m Serious. Write to make right.


Discover what energetic charge food has for you. This is really helpful if you are dealing with emotional eating, compulsive over eating or any of the other eating disorders out there. The travelling yogi begins her journey from right here where she/he is standing- or eating.





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