The Travelling Yogi

16 08 2009

It began here, it continues and never ceases. My journey is here with you, with all and everyone. I am the travelling yogi. Aren’t we all travelling on this path of light, self awareness and eternal truth? So together we are all travelling yogis.

Celebrate this with me here, and in every moment you realize your presence. I travel everyday as a yogi and its been such a journey thus far. And now it will be here for you to read, take what you need and come to realize and embrace your own amazinging and delicious insights. As a travelling yogi I will offer you the lessons I learn, tell you about the people I meet, and describe the experiences that help me reach higher levels of happiness and well being.

I am offering healing suggestions and ways you can gain more from your life and your existence here in this time and place. Through homeopathic medicine and reiki I have come to reach greater healing potentials for myself and those I treat. Through my daily practice of Yoga, I have healed from physical and emotional/psychological ailments.

The power of the breath must never be taken for granted. It is our connection to pure prana, or the vital force that gives us life, energy and awakening to greater states of being. Prana is the universal life energy through which each and every one of us can receive enlightment towards our daily issues, and also those turmulous life traumas or issues we have yet to let go of.

The breath will take you to experience your prana. Begin to feel the breath and listen to its message. It always has one, we just need to quiet ourselves and hear its song. I’m so excited to share my travelling yogi adventures here! Together we travel this path in unity and love.

Lets travel together in this moment, during this hour, day and for the many days to come. I want to hear about your travels!

With love and light,

The Travelling Yogi

NamasteSeat Of Compassion




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