DAY 2- Apple cleanse. From Galas to russets to MacIntoshes ….

30 09 2010

Galas, Macintoshes, Spartans, Jonathons, Granny Smiths, Fujis, Sweet Crisps, Russets, Golden Delishes, APPLES APPLES APPLES EVERYWHERE!  Thats what it looks like atop my kitchen counter.  Bowls full of them 🙂

Yes its  day 2 of my 3 day apple cleanse.  I must say I not only feel great, I feel such an elation that nothing today could get me vibrating in a negative way.

There is a certain lightness deep within me.  I feel much more in tune with my inner self and it is like I am starting a whole new journey on my Yogic path 🙂

You would think having 8 apples by 4:30 in the afternoon would make you sick or downright crabby. I can’t say I feel even an ounce of that.  My headache from yesterday is gone. The achy pains in my low back are absent.  I really am elated that I’ve not experienced a moment of gas or diarrhoea.  I felt a tad chilly but that is typically normal for me.

I also feel such a great rise in my energy levels! I feel like I could run a 1oK.  That however is not advisable during a fast/cleanse.

I have been practicing YOGA of course 🙂  It seems my practice is so much more fluid, and unrestricted.  Its not so much that I can do more or do those tough inversions, but more ease and acceptance of where I am.

A cleanse or fast truly allows you to interrupt your habitual daily patterns.  All of them.  Some we like to call “good” and others we like to refer to as the nasty “bad” habits.  But really everything simply just is.

And where you are right now is perfect. This very moment is brimming with the opportunity to show you that.  If the laundry doesn’t get down, if the deadline isn’t met, and if you don’t reach that weight loss goal today is it really the end of your world?  Is all the joy, happiness and prosperity really going to disappear in your life overnight?

Really think about that.

What is good right now?  What is shining, stable, beautiful, loving and giving in your life right now?  FOCUS on that and you change your whole life.




Back Here to Blog and Cleansing!

30 09 2010

Hello again!

Yes its been quite awhile since my last blog.  I felt the need to take some time to go inwards and do some self reflection.  AND boy has there been some great shifts and inspirations 🙂

So here I am all fresh and ready to provide insight, revelations and great inspirations for living your truth to the fullest.

I just started the APPLE DETOX CLEANSE!!  Originally created by Edgar Cayce, a world renowned psychic and medical intuitive. He developed a great passion for holistic and alternative medical therapies and was found to heal thousands from debilitating disease.

He authored numerous books of which some focused on healing foods.  His apple “detox” cleanse peaked my curiosity. So I jumped on the apple wagon and today began the first of three days of his apple cleanse.

Here are the main tennets of the cleanse:

1) Eat only raw, preferably organic apples. Aim to buy golden delicious and Jonathan varieties as these are considered jenneting varieties.  This means they ripened before June 24th or St. John’s day.  Eat as many as you like and also consider juicing some for more cleansing potential.

2)  Drink water all day long, and make it WARM or at least room temperature.  This aids peristalsis action of the intestines and bowel.  Also helps clear toxins and move the pectin through the digestive system.

3) If you get hungry and can’t stomach another apple, have only non starchy raw veggies.  These can also be juiced.

4)  Do this for three full days.  On the night of the third day take 2-3 tsp of Olive oil.  This aids the bowel to do its job, and also helps the liver and bile release toxins.

5) On the fourth day, break the fast with some orange juice upon rising.  After that eat lightly!  Ease back into eating regular meals.  So stick with vegan choices such as whole grains, legumes, soups, and veggies.


I actually don’t feel hungry or weak.  I had a headache all day however, and I know that this is due to caffeine withdrawal.  One of the reasons I am doing this cleanse is to see if I can cut down on my coffee habit.

I also want to see if my sugar and carb cravings are curtailed and brought into a better balance.

I tend to crave CHOCOLATE like mad!  So this cleanse is also an experiment to see if I can actually do without 🙂

So to conclude, I did feel headachy and a little dazed but digestive wise everything feels great 🙂 Had a concern I might get some digestive upset.  What is really interesting is I don’t feel hungry and am not craving anything. Actually quite the opposite.  I did have 10 apples though LOL.

The journey continues…..

Travelling Yogi


Just Push Pause

6 05 2010

The alarm clocks buzzes you awake. You groan after seeing it’s 6 am on the digital display. You stumble into the bathroom, and proceed to wash, brush, primp and prime yourself for the day ahead. You scurry to the closet, whip out the clothes for the day, throw them on and run down the stairs to get a cup of coffee. After almost slipping down the stairs you realize you forgot to put on your socks.

You continue to rush and get your papers and documents. You throw those into your brief case and nervously scramble to find your cell and keys before heading for the door. You jump into your car, and try to zoom on your way only to find traffic stalling for blocks and blocks.

Your thinking about the million things you need to do the minute you get through the doors of your office. Then your mind cycles through the events of the previous day. The darn argument with your wife, the complaint your boss had on your recent sales efforts and your daughter flunking her big exam. Then it shifts back to the deadlines you have coming up in 3 days and wonder how any of it will get done in time to shut the boss up.

Then you realize your in the wrong parking spot and curse the day your boss gave you the job in first place. Then you wonder if you shut the coffee pot off as you get on the elevator to get to your floor. You dash through the doors and within 3 seconds, 5 people are tagging along your heels begging for 5 minutes of your time.

After numerous phone calls, meetings, and 5 appointments you look at the clock and its 3pm.

Have you even taken a full breath yet?

Probably not.

Time to push pause!!

How often do you push the pause button during your day?

It’s time to learn how to STOP and bring some mindfulness into your daily regime. Trust me it’s possible. Doing so will INCREASE your productivity and recharge your batteries. Stopping begins to INTERCEPT the automatic or auto pilot patterns we have made for ourselves.

We get into these robotic states, where we don’t even notice what we have been doing for the past hour. We go through the motions, yet we don’t FEEL and experience the moment.

SLOWING down is one of the hardest things I see my clients struggle to implement in their lives. But it really does not have to be so complicated!

How to include moments of pause into your daily life:
  • STOP! Just stop yourself right in your tracks. For just a mere 10 seconds, stop whatever it is your doing or thinking. Observe the moment as if you were timeless and there was nothing to do, see or be. Nothing is so urgent that you can’t just stop for 10 seconds.
  • Take conscious PAUSE breaks before doing regular habitual activites like eating, brushing your teeth, going to the grocery store, going to the bank, picking up the kids, or heading to the gym.
  • So just before you go to brush your teeth, pause for 5 seconds and feel the stillness. Before you run to the car to hit the gym, pause for 5 seconds before slipping the key into the ignition. Be in the moment, close your eyes, and feel your breath. Then proceed. You will find yourself proceeding from a different place or state of mind.
  • Keep a small digital alarm clock on your desk at work and at home. Program it so that it beeps every 2 hours, or more frequently is even better. It is a way to REMIND yourself you need to just take a breather. Literally! So sit with just the present moment. Listen to the breath, feel an entire cycle of breathing- the inhalation or the expansion, the pause and then the exhalation or contraction of the breath.
  • One of my main focuses in practice is to teach the skill of breathing or “Pranayama” as it is called in yoga terminology (Sanskrit). Prana means life force, the the pure energy that gives us life and the whole universe its existence. Yama means the control or regulation of the breath.
Through breath work we learn how to breath to increase ENERGY, vitality, relieve STRESS and PAIN.

Every time you return to the breath you return to your life source.

Keep breathing, and remember travel LIGHTly on your path 🙂



Healing Requires Presence and Awareness

1 04 2010

Einstein said:

“‘A human being is a part of the whole universe, a part limited in time and space.

He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.

This delusion is a prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

-Albert Einstein, ‘What I believe’, Forum and Century issue 84 (1930)

As a homeopath, holistic nutritionist and Reiki practitioner I have learned immensely about myself  through my practice and mainly from my patients.  They are some of my greatest teachers.   I have learned that each and everyone of us truly thrives when given love and compassion. That without these 2 invaluable things, healing cannot transpire.

We may experience different events, symptoms and diseases in our lives.  However underlying all disease manifestations lies a deficiency and imbalance . This deficiency and imbalance is what sets off our internal innate healing mechanism to go in disarray.  Deficiency comes in many forms, from what is lacking in our diets, to what is missing in our living environments and personal relationships.

When I began to practice I was focusing on finding the right prescription whether it be the homeopathic remedy most indicated, or the right supplements or the right diet to best suit the patients needs. All this is very important and does play a huge part in my work today.

However now I truly dedicate myself to being first and foremost present with my patients during our consultations and interactions.

Truly present. And with compassion, awareness and love.

I listen with my soul and heart first , and then with my mind.  I observe with my soul and my heart first and then analyse with my mind the details and symptoms of the case.  And I “feel” the patient’s energy and vibe with my intuition and tune in to their concerns instead of concerning myself with deciphering the right prescription.

Conventional medicine may call this quakery or airy fairy BS.

But the more I work with my own soul and heart, the more I see my patients benefit and reach greater levels of personal healing.  I truly believe that just allowing my patients the opportunity to share, and verbally express what they are going through is a huge initiation to their healing efforts.  The ability to express their concerns at much longer lengths than the usual conventional 15 minute appointment with their M.D  begins to open doors they haven’t even attempted to unlock in ages.

When I look into their eyes, I sense they appreciate my acknowledgment of their pain.  More importantly though, when I look into their eyes I connect with their internal wisdom.  I observe the love that so desperately wants to be expressed and fully loved back.

Everyone has their own journey to take.

Their path unfolds according to their own level of awareness and how much they allow this awareness to come into being at any given moment.

The more present we become the far more healing we can achieve.  The more present we become the far more LIVING we actually experience.  Coming to each moment with presence allows us to experience the only thing we have that is certain in this life.  Which is the present.  This is the key to liberation from suffering and the endless states of pain we may believe we never will overcome.

A dear friend of mine shares his insight on presence with me, whenever he feels I may need a bump back into alignment.  He just simply mentions to me in the most loving tone:

“It is what it is, and remember where ever you go, there you are-so love it all”.

How do you bring presence to your daily life? to your interactions? to your work? to your relationships?

Your soul is calling.  Have you answered?

Travel Lightly,


The Seed of Your Soul

22 03 2010

There is love in your heart. Do you feel it?

There is an inner knowing that cannot be disputed. It is planted deep within the very soil of your existence.  It is  up to you how you choose to nurture or starve that potent wonder.   This seed has the potential to sprout with abundant and expansive energy.  It can grow without abandon, and grow stronger with every joyous gift you give it.

Or it can retreat; shrivel up into a very dark and dying existence.  The sprout is there underneath the soil forever at your disposal.  How will you take care of it?  Feed the seed with passion and abundance every single day, and you  expand and you will feel that greater part of you.

What you give your seed will determine what fruits are bared .  Reach into that very deep profound space of knowing and hold that seed with loving kindness. How magical is this?!

How you hold, care and nurture this seed is your choice.  Your seed responds with joy when appreciated, loved and respected.  Your seed answers when asked for guidance.  Your seed grows stronger in the inner awareness of knowing exactly what you need for this life.

Your seed is your inner light.

It grows brighter with every attempt you make to love it and support it.   It grows stronger with every effort you make to believe in it and watch it through.  It grows more expansive every time you heed its call.  It is the greatest part of you!  I want to shout that on the highest mountain top. 🙂

It is your most wise self that answers all your queries and concerns.  Allow your light to shine without limits.  Your light has no borders and does not desire to remain within the lines of your self- imposed barriers.  It wants out.  Allow it to sprout in any direction you find joy and pleasure.  It will take you to the places you need to go.  It will be your constant guide and companion, even when all else seems to have failed you.  The living sprout within you offers you indestructible truth.  The truth you desperately grasp for yet find unattainable.  The truth you desperately seek yet often settle for the temporary fix of the material world.

What does your sprout look like today?  Take a moment now to really reflect on this.

Is it hiding?  Has it retreated?  Is it yearning to be fed? Is it yearning for the light and love you have to offer?

Hold that seed now and ask it what it needs. Ask the seed how best you could serve it today.  Take a moment to go within.

Close your eyes and be with the moment.

Look lovingly at your seed, and offer your support.  Tell your seed you are now here and willing to love and offer whatever it needs. Give your seed your complete and total attention. Feel the connection you have made with it.  Now with closed  eyes , and a very open heart, just listen.

The answer is revealed.

Your Travelling Yogi


Traveling Tips For your Next Trippy Trip

17 03 2010

Please note:  I wrote this just after my ordeal of missing my cruise ship on my recent vacation to the Caribbean.  There is fowl language, crude remarks and some minor sexual content.  I present my raw thoughts on THE BEST trip I have ever taken in my life. I am usually well mannered but in light of the circumstances I found myself,  the irritated B*tch came out. There were many ZEN moments, and times where I just used my yogic training to relax and get centred.  Here is the UNzen side of me. I want to be quite genuine with all my readers 🙂

Trippy Traveling Tips

I went on a trip solo for the first time in my life. I had traveled solo before but for business and work. Never for pleasure or vacation. As a single female traveling I LEARNED A HELL of a lot. LOSING my luggage for 2 days was not fun but it taught me OCEANS of lessons. I learned the most about myself and my inner strength.

So now that I can laugh about my trip here are my suggestions, JUST IN CASE you lose your luggage, a flight, a train, or a big CRUISE SHIP (like I did) :

1) ALWAYS bring an extra pair of underwear or two or three! Nothing is ever guaranteed when you travel and so be prepared for anything. That means losing your LUGGAGE and having to rough it till you do. Make the roughing it not so rough by having at least 1 pair of underwear in your carry on or backpack. Running around trying to find underwear in tourist areas where no one speaks english for a single traveling female is both unsafe and fucking irritating!

Asking a Mexican man selling sombreros on the street, who doesn’t know one word of english where *MUTANDI are sold really gets you know where, and if you show the dude your own underwear he thinks your a prostitute needing some cash. AND Trust me, going commando in tropical climate temps is not fun past the first 20 minutes. Moving on….

*(Italian for underwear, I tried this , as I thought perhaps there was a slight chance it was said the same in spanish- umm not really, actually not even close.)

2) PACK a toothbrush & toothpaste in your purse or carry on. Stress makes halitosis a new reality even if you never had it before. If your mouth smells NO ONE WILL WANT TO TALK WITH YOU! and the last thing you need is for people to ignore you when your lost, stranded, or missing your luggage and don’t know how the fuck you will ever get it back!

3) While on the topic of what to pack in your carry on, I suggest the following for the ladies CONCEALER- you sure will need it, because you won’t sleep, eat or relax until you finally get to your destination, or find your bags or get on that cruise ship you missed at the first port of call ( umm ya had to add my own experience). IT MIGHT BE DAYS, OR EVEN A WEEK!! So in order to hide the hell you already look like, grab the CONCEALER LADIES.

It will save you from looking like death to the world as you travel your cute ass from airport to airport, bus shuttle to hotels, and train stations or endless taxi rides to your desired port of call. CONCEALER will at least make you semi attractive so that if you need the help of a passerby he will actually consider speaking to you and not wonder if your a bag lady in desperate need of an asylum, next….

4) Always bring FOOD! I don’t care how heavy it makes your bag. Running around airports, hotels and bus shuttles, screaming at airline personnel, calling and telling off your travel agent, CRYING because you can’t find UNDERWEAR, requires ENERGY.

Unless you want to prepare for the Survivor auditions, I suggest you pack some non perishable items IE: crackers, trail mix, nuts, and dried fruit. The last thing you want to do is pass out in some god forsaken land, where they wouldn’t even know how to take your temperature- yes this is reality in some countries. EAT and then you can move on…..

5) ALWAYS carry a cell phone and camera. The cell phone is so you can tell off every travel agent, travel insurance company, cruise ship and airline you have to deal with. The camera is take pictures of the mess your in. Not only will this help with insurance claims, but a cam can really capture those moments of INSANITY which later you’ll want to FACE BOOK, FLICKER, TWITTER and MYSPACE your ass off so that all your friends can laugh with you later of course.

6) As for CONDOMS, you can leave packing those in your luggage. If you lose your luggage don’t worry about the chance of having sex. The last thing you’ll desire is to get jiggy when you haven’t showered in days, your hair is looking like a nest, your wearing the same pants and socks for God knows how long and all you want to do is bite every person head off. I assure you its not the time to get laid…

Bon Voyage, and good luck….

Your traveling Yogi


Yoga Boosts Athletic Performance

20 02 2010

When I first walked into a yoga class I scoffed at the idea that I was going to get anything more than some light stretching to loosen my tight sports addicted muscles.  In a previous post I explained how humbling yoga made me that very first time.  Actually it still does in each and every practice 🙂

What I also learned about yoga, is that it is a perfect complement to sports and athletic training.  Many professional athletes incorporate Yoga into their training regimes.  Instead of viewing it as just a way to “stretch” tight hamstrings, athletes and coaches are realizing that Yoga has way more to offer for the specific purpose of  enhancing the mental and physical states needed for all kinds of sports.

A  fellow yoga instructor and dear friend I know teaches the military. Yoga specifically helps by increasing focus, strength, stamina and balancing out heavy duty physical training that can leave soldiers very tight, and prone to injuries.

Yoga does wonders for RUNNERS, triathletes, swimmers, golf enthusiasts, hockey basketball and baseball players, and many other competitive sports.  Many OLYMPIC athletes have included regular yoga practice to get the edge they are looking for when it comes to improving focus, concentration, breathing and strength.

5 Benefits of Yoga For Athletes and Sports Fanatics Alike

1. Improves Mental Concentration and Focus:

A more settled breath, means a more settled mind.  Each and every time you practice Yoga you are inducing the relaxation response and you train the mind to become more still and centered.  Athletes can utilize this method of training the mind to increase focus, concentration and enhance mental states.  They say competing is 80% mental or more.  Why not let Yoga improve your mental state as you climb those steep hills or power through the last few miles of your marathon run. Its at those most intense times when fatigue begins to play with your mind.  Yoga helps you still the mind, and OBSERVE it rather than get pulled into its grip.

2. Improve Core Strength and Integration

Its all about the CORE.  How many times have we heard this? I know, but its actually quite significant and relevant in sports.  Your core is the center of your power and ability to maintain balance.  A loose core, means loose everything.  Sports require balance, and alot of co ordination.  A strong core helps your upper and lower body’s muscles to work synergistically and in better unison.  Yoga is about integration on all levels.  The core is one of these levels.  Yoga requires a strong core to keep the spine in proper and balanced alignment.

3. Improves Flexibility and Increase Range of Motion:

Increasing flexibility is probably the most well known benefit of Yoga.  For athletes this means better slam dunks, home runs and faster pace time.  Also repetitive training regimes can cause muscles to become tight and prone to injury.  Yoga helps to release scar tissue from over use and repetitive actions.  Also getting that golf swing perfected requires a substantial range of motion.  Yoga will improve tight deltoids, rhomboids, traps and lats which are all involved in upper body movement.

4. Improves the Mind Body Connection:

Yoga helps us to really get in tune with our bodies.  You begin to awaken to subtle shifts in your energy and body.  Your awareness of your body gets stronger and this can help any athlete to know their bodies on an even deeper  level.  Connecting with the body is synonymous with communicating with our bodies.  Our bodies give us signals everyday and often if we are not attuned to this language we will ignore pertinent information.  Yoga helps you to really LISTEN to what your body needs, and desires.

5. Helps Prevent INJURY- the Nemesis of all hardcore training athletes

Improved flexibility means less stains, sprains and  torn ligaments and tendons!  Every athlete can confirm that injuries are not fun and apart from being physically problematic they are detrimental to one’s mental and psychological state as well .  It’s not an easy or wise endeavor to “train around an injury”.  Yoga helps keep muscles more flexible thereby putting less strain on ligaments and tendons and joints.  Less strain means less stress and a greater range of motion without compromising the integrity of the body.

So get on the mat!

Improve your running time.  Increase your speed.  Jump higher.  Hit farther.  All of this with LESS risk of injury.  Keep your body healthy and your mind and spirit follow suit.

Keep walking lightly,

till the next asana…..